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Experience Freedom And Joy

by showing up online as your authentic self, by owning a brand and website that know how to do its job and by running your business on your own terms.

Hi! I’m Alina Krasnozhon. I’m helping small business owners and creatives unleash, communicate their unique value, and establish an authentic online presence so that the people who need them could find them and benefit from working with them. I do it through website design, copywriting services, my content and my blog.

You can run your business on your own terms, attract the right people, live your purpose and show up authentically for your business every single day with joy and ease. When you run an aligned business, the business that is a reflection of you and your core values you can stop imitating what others are doing, and stop chasing your clients. Your authentic energy will be reflected in the way you show up and like a magnet will attract your ideal clients.

Since my teenage years, I have always tried to find purpose in everything I was doing. I felt like I didn’t really fit anywhere and have always wanted different things from people around me. But often I lacked the courage, to be honest with myself and live in alignment with my core values. Finding myself stuck for many years in public education institutions was a real hell for me.

It seems that after 5 years of university I was even more lost than before. I mean learning foreign languages was interesting. But was it something that I wanted to teach for the rest of my life, just because I chose this path as a 17 years old teenager? I wasn’t sure… While still being in university I decided that I want to explore the world and try to find “a better life” abroad.

after my graduation

in 2015 I left Ukraine to learn French as an au pair in a French family. And 7 years after I’m still here, in the country that became my second home. 

Adapting, working, and studying in another country changed me forever. It seems like I started to have multiple identities and they all became a part of who I’m as a person today. 

After several years of searching and working “normal jobs,” I realized that I wasn’t looking forward to another day. Zero freedom, absence of creativity, meagre pay and absence of purposes were sucking my soul out every single day. I knew that something was lacking, but I didn’t dare to ask myself what I really wanted. 

For a very long time, I listened to other people about what is “the right thing” to do and cared too much about what they will think of me, instead of listening to myself. I didn’t give myself permission to dream big, to have the perspective, to see that I can carve my own path filled with joy, and purpose.

So that’s how I ended up digging deeper into self-development, and never stopped afterwards

My main degree is in teaching foreign languages, so that’s why I decided to build my first business around teaching languages. I didn’t believe that I could learn and do something different. While building it I learned all I could about building a business, but at the same time, I discovered my core values, my strengths, who I’m as a person, and the way I would like to show up and run my business. I realized that I actually don’t like teaching. 

Thanks to my decision to build my first business, I discovered branding, and website design, and fell in love with them. I realized how little there was good information about how to build a well-performing website (copy, design, strategy) and how it’s difficult to really establish an authentic online presence, show up as your true self online, speak up your voice, tell your story, communicate your unique value, and attract the right people for your business. I don’t even speak about learning endless tech, design, strategy, and copywriting stuff at the same time. So that’s what I decided to do and support small business owners and creatives on their business journey. 

Learn and get Inspired

stop hiding and start showing as your authentic self for your business.

Stop overthinking, waiting, and staying silent and start taking action steps towards building a brand, and a website that will help you to attract your ideal clients all over the world and improve people’s lives with your work.