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10 Design Principles To Elevate Your Small Business Website

10 design principles to elevate your small business website Design isn’t a precise science. Different people will react, interact, and behave differently on your website. It’s almost impossible to be 100% sure what users will do on your website, and that they will find it aesthetically pleasing. In my old blog post, I already touched […]

What Creates A Strong Personal Brand

what creates a strong personal brand? You already have a brand whether you realize it or not. So why not try to make a better one? Everybody these days speaks about building a brand, but I would say that it’s better to become your brand rather than build one. Do the hard work of becoming […]

How To Infuse Your Personality To Create An Authentic And Aligned Personal Brand.

How infuse your personality to create an authentic and aligned personal brand. More and more people start to speak about the importance of branding and building a personal brand for your business. I think that there are too many rules, shoulds and shouldn’t when it comes to your personal brand. Yes, you need to know […]

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

How to speed up your WordPress Website I spent a lot of time learning tech stuff when I was trying to build my first website. It was very difficult to take into account every single aspect of a well-performing website, as I was learning everything on the go. Of course, I missed a lot of […]

Complete Rebrand And Website Redesign Of New Business

Compete Website Redesign & Rebranding for my new website design business How Everything started Before I even started my first business as a French language mentor, I was working different “normal jobs”. Back then I knew nothing about online business, website design or branding. My whole life I have been listening to others about what […]

5 Types Of Stories To Tell In Your Business

5 TYPES OF STORIES TO TELL IN YOUR BUSINESS I already mentioned the importance of using storytelling in your business. In this blog post, I wanted to speak about the different types of stories you can tell in your business. You can use different types of stories to inspire and create an emotional connection with […]

How To Find Your Voice As A Small Business Owner

How to find your voice as a small business owner When you start to build your business it can be so difficult to find your voice, even when you know what you want to offer.  There is so much noise on the internet these days. It’s very easy to get lost, follow ”trends” start comparing […]

How To Make A Photoshoot For Your Website By Yourself

how to make a photoshoot for your website by yourself Professional photos of you are so important for your business, social media, and your website. Although, it can become a real struggle for somebody who doesn’t have a budget to hire a professional photographer or even for somebody who doesn’t feel comfortable in front of […]

What Is A Brand Board?

What is a brand board? why do you need to have one for your business? When I started building my first website, I didn’t have any idea about brand board and why do I even need to have one. And as you can guess my first website looked pretty bad, it didn’t have any consistent […]