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It’s time to reconnect to your inner self and establish an authentic online presence so that the right people can find you, connect with you, trust you, and benefit from working with you.

As small business owners and creatives we all struggles with self-confidence, self-worth, and lack of courage to show up online and communicate our value. As a result, we hide, don’t take action, and don’t have the results we were hoping for.

It’s time to start owning and sharing your story, step up into your power, and uncover and communicate your value that will attract the right people who will benefit the most from working with you. It’s time to build a brand, a website, and an authentic online presence that holds space for joy and growth on your own terms.

“Let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you are. Be imperfect and have compassion for yourself. Connection is the result of authenticity.”

– Brené Brown

What's holding you back?


My job is to dig deeper and help you to uncover your true essence, all layers of your personality, your authenticity, your values, your strengths, your story and the impact you would like to create in a world that is deeply meaningful for you. And communicate it through a beautifully designed website, compelling copy, and personal brand that your audience cannot resist.

How I Can Help You


Full Branding & Website Design

A website is a tool that is designed to communicate your value, and your offer, connect you to the right people and market your business 24/7. Together we will craft your brand message, and your brand story, uncover all layers of your personality, your values, strengths, and passions and communicate all this through a beautifully designed website and brand that reflect your authentic self and like a magnet attracts the right people.

Website Copywriting help

A well-written and compelling copy is vital for any website. It helps you to communicate your value, tell your story, connect to your website visitors, build trust, and make website visitors take action. I will help you to write your website copy so that the right people could find you, fall in love with what you do and hire you.


Website review & Website Audit

Do you already have a website? Maybe you had a limited budget and built one by yourself? But your website visitors ignore your offer and you don’t have the results you hoped to achieve when you decided to invest time and money into building your website? I will uncover all issues with your website design, website copy, brand message, your offer, and user experience and provide you with concrete actionable steps so that you could fix your website and start attracting your ideal clients and expand your business.

Find your life purpose & Become a niche

Would you like to start a business but you’re not quite sure what are you good at? You have never thought about what you enjoy and what it takes to become an expert in your field and make a difference in people’s lives with your work? Maybe you feel that you lack purpose in your current job and that you would like to go in another direction, but you don’t know how. I will coach you to help you to discover your core values, strengths, and things you’re passionate about so that you could start creating a meaningful career path. 

Alina Krasnozhon - 10 Homepage musthaves


Start with your home page

The home page is the most visited page of your website. You don’t have a lot of time to make your website visitors stop, fall in love with what you do and hire you.

Download my free checklist to build a strategic home page for your business.

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Build a brand and a website that bring you clients around the world and market your business 24/7.

Stop overthinking, waiting, and staying silent and start taking action steps towards building a brand a website so that the right people could find you and benefit from working with you.