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Website audit

Let’s review your website, uncover all issues that hold you and your business back from growth and start attracting the right people around the world for your business.

Did you create your website by yourself because you had a limited budget when you started your business? When you created it you had no idea about branding strategy, copywriting, web design and tech? And now you wonder why nobody buys from you and why everybody ignores your website and your offer?

When you create a website there is so much to consider. It can feel pretty overwhelming and frustrating when you need to do everything by yourself and learn on the go.

When I created my first website, I had a very limited budget and I decided to create everything by myself. The design looked horrible, the copy and the message were unclear, and there was a zero strategy behind my website, no wonder nobody wanted to hire me. 

Let's fix your website

so that the right people could find you, start trusting you and benefit from working with you.

I will uncover all the possible issues with your website: the copy, the design, and the user experience. I will make competitor research, fix your copy, and improve your design, brand message and client’s journey on your website.

You will receive

  • A PDF document with an in-depth analysis of your website and a list of all issues that your website has.
  • Actionable steps on how you can improve your website so that you can finally start attracting your ideal clients, instead of chasing them.

You won’t need to create a brand new website, spend months on a redesign or hire another web designer to do it for you. You will be able to implement all the changes by yourself on your existing website.

How does it work?


Request OF a website review

After you make a request on my contact page, I will review your website and come back to you within 24h to arrange the call and discuss everything in more detail.


one on one call

During this call, we will discuss in more depth all the problems that you have, and what pages would like me to review exactly.



After our call, I will send a depth questionnaire to learn more about your business, your competitions, your problems, your website and your business goals.


Website review

I will review your website in-depth and come back to you with the review within 5 working days.

landing page Review - From 150€

what's included?

Add-ons & extras


Full Website review (4,5 web pages) - from 600€

what's included?

Add-ons & extras

Your Website

can help you to create an authentic online presence that embraces all layers of your unique personality. It will communicate your value, connect to the right people and will help you to market your business 24/7. Building this kind of website takes time and effort.  But sometimes even a simple website review can make a difference and help you to understand what was missing and why you didn’t attract your target audience, and why they didn’t buy from you. So if you’re not ready to rebuild your website from scratch or invest a lot of money in a website designer, start with the website review.

Let's review your website!

If what you need doesn’t quite fit into a package, get in touch for a custom quote!