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Valeria Paolillo - Vita Simplice in Italia

About The Project

WordPress Website Design & Branding & Website copywriting help & Tech support & Email workflow creating and setup

Valeria Paolillo is a certified Italian language teacher. Her mission is to share my love for Italy and contribute to joy and fulfillment by offering engaging one-on-one Italian language lessons and unforgettable Cultural Retreats in Sicily.

When Valeria reached out to me, she wanted to create a website for her business. She had an overall idea of how she wanted the website to look like. But as we worked together , her vision has evolved and she wanted to change the design and make it very minimalist, and clean. I did my very best to make the website look exactly as Valeria wanted.

The website turned out to be minimalist, clean with a lot of minimalist images. I helped Valeria to craft her website copy, choose images, set up an email marketing workflow in CovertKit.

The brand board


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