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10 Tips For Writing An Effective Service/Sales Page

Your service page is probably one of the most important pages on your website. It’s rarely a good idea to just have your services listed on your homepage unless you have a simple landing page. The main reason for that is when people search for solutions to their problems on the internet, they will almost never search for a particular person or company. They will directly search for a solution to their problems. And you want to make sure that they can actually find what solution you offer for their problems.

Your website is a tool. The primary end goal of any website is to sell your products or services. Of course, it all starts with attracting your target audience building trust, and connection, which can lead to a potential sale. It takes time, trial and error to create a well-performing service page. Especially when it’s something you have never done before. Don’t believe when some experts and gurus out there promise you quick results and quick sales, just because you created a product or a service and put it on a landing page.

Do you believe in what you have created? Does it something that your audience actually needs? Do you even know your audience? Is your website copy clear? Can your potential clients find easily answers to all their questions and objections they might have concerning your offer?

If your service page doesn’t work and doesn’t convert the way you expected it to, are you ready to work to improve it, and don’t take your things that didn’t work personally? But instead, use this experience to grow and improve it?

There are many things to take into account when you write your service page. But there is a structure you can use to create a great service page.

One page per service

You can have a lot of different services and sometimes they can be not connected, and created for different audiences. There are many experts that say that you need to have one primary service on your website, and use the same keywords to make your website searchable and known for this very specific service. So make sure when you choose the name of your service or course that it’s clear and can be found.

When you have many different services that aren’t connected at all, it’s when having a separate page for every service you offer is the best solution. A person who is interested in your one-on-one coaching sessions might be not the person who is interested in your courses or group programs. It helps to get rid of confusion and speak exactly to your ideal client.

It will allow you to have the whole page to speak in detail about your offer, and its benefits, address all the reservations, describe the process, answer the questions, and provide testimonials or case studies.

One service per page is better from an SEO and promoting perspective as well. You can create a separate title and a description for every single page and its service. So when you promote your offer is so much easier to advertise. You send people to exactly the page they would like to see without any distractions and unnecessary information. It’s so much easier to make up your mind and take the decision when you don’t have 10 choices and distractions.

Even if you have a separate page for every service you offer, you can still have a general work with me page. It’s the page where you can list all your services, and provide a brief description with a button if your website visitors would like to learn more about a particular service.

Provide the most important information first

Be very specific from the first sentences on your website page. You want to be clear, and specific and let your website visitors know what is it that you offer. Values people’s time.

Your goal isn’t to make people stay on your sales page s long as possible, but to get rid of people who are not a good fit right away. When you create a copy from this place, it has more clarity and it’s easier to write.

Later you can continue your copy by addressing the biggest objects, and pain points they might have, show them that you understand what they are dealing with and finish with a promise and benefits of your products or services Let your website visitors know that you understand them, that you empathize to them and that you can provide the best solution to their problems.

Start with a great value proposition

Your values proposition is a short statement that summarizes what your business offers and to whom. You can also add some information about what makes your offer, different and unique. It can be a short heading+subheading, heading+short paragraphs of text, headings+video or any other form. Choose the type of value proposition that suits best you and your business.

I won’t go into details on how to write your value proposition in this blog post, but here is a simple formula you can use to help you: I help (audience/niche) to (achieve result/solve the problem) by (service/product). Creating a good value proposition demands you know your audience and your offer.

Always finish your value proposition with a call to action (CTA). It’s mostly done for people who are familiar with your offer, or maybe they have already read the page and come back to it and would like to book a call or buy your course right always.

Here are several examples of great value propositions to inspire you:

You can see a clear heading, a promise that these email marketing software gives to their potential clients, a very brief text section for who this offer is, some visuals to give an idea of how your email will look, and CTA. In the Convert Kit case, they reassure their prospects with a free trial, make people know that no credit card is required and that they can cancel at any time. They address some of the main objections they think might stop their potential clients from trying their service out. The third example is from the website Influex. It’s very straightforward, and precise, just a heading and two calls to action.

Continue explaining the problem you solve or the benefits you provide

People who read your value proposition and stayed on your service page would like to know more about your offer. Some people can be motivated to buy your product or service because they would like to eliminate the pain points they have. For other people, it can be finding out more about the benefits and getting motivated by finding a better solution to their problems. You need to think about what works best for you and your business.

You can also make a mixture of both. You can start by addressing the pain points your potential clients might have. You will show that you understand and empathize with them. It creates connection and more trust. And right afterwards you can let them imagine how working with will make their life easier and what benefits they will get.

Finish this section with a call action as well. You want to make the structure of your service page easy to browse and follow. If they make up their mind and would like to work, they will be able to do it right after reading this section.

Explain how you solve the problem or provide benefits

One of the main things your website visitors would like to know is how does it work?

This step is very important. It gives specifics. You share the exact process of working with you step by step. Your potential clients would like to know how does it work? They want to know the exact steps, and what the process of working with you will look like.

Don’t miss this step. It can be one of the main reservations your prospects can have. When they’re not sure what the process of working with you will look like, it might prevent them from taking action. Address this reservation, and explain everything in detail.

Don’t just describe the benefits people will get after working with you. Explain to them how they will get these benefits.

Make sure that the design of this section is clear and scannable with clear headings, subheadings, bullet points, and maybe some visual support. Don’t make the common mistake most DIY websites have.

 what’s included

Once you explain what it is that you offer, what are the benefits, and how it works you want to give even more specifics. By this section people who are not our ideal clients probably left, but people who might be your ideal clients can still have some reservations. They might need to know exactly what is included in your offer.

You might think that the page shouldn’t be that long and that nobody will read that, but you’re wrong. The more expensive your service is, the harder your sales or service page should work to prove that you’re the right person who can provide the solution to the problems have.

It’s also a good idea to make it scalable as well. Create really clear sections, headings and subheadings, so that people who would like to know more, but don’t have necessarily the time to read could scan the sections and get the gist of what you wanted to say in every single section.

How much does it cost

The price is one of the main reservations that your website visitors have when they land on your service page. There are many coaches and gurus out there who claim that you don’t need to put the price on your service page, especially if your service is pricey. I honestly believe that it should be your personal choice. There are no right or wrong answers, there is only a solution that works for you and for your business.

For me personally, it’s one of the first questions I ask myself even if I’m interested in the service this person provides. Can I afford it? And if not, I would like to know it right away, and don’t waste my time contacting this person or booking a call with her. It’s even irritating sometimes when I can’t find the price. It makes me wander around and waste my time. I would like people to be transparent right away about what they charge.

Your experience with pricing might be different. Maybe the things that you care about in the first place are the benefits and whether this person is the right choice for you. Only after you pay attention to pricing. In this case, you aren’t obliged to indicate the price. Do what feels most aligned with you and your values. Don’t avoid indicating prices just because you’re afraid that it’s too expensive, or that people won’t choose you, or because most people do that. Your services aren’t meant for everybody and it’s okay. Make your own decision.

Provide social proof

Include as many social proofs, testimonials, and case studies as you possibly can. Don’t sing odes to your products or services, let your clients talk about it and promote it. There is nothing more tempting than seeing people who got the results you want.

Make sure that your testimonials are precise and credible. Not something like ”Loved it”! Okay, you loved so what? What problem did you have when you started working with this person, what was your journey, and how did you achieve the results? What are your results? Specifics are everything! Include headshots and names of real people when you can, it helps even more with credibility.

Getting testimonials is something that might struggle with if you just starting out. It’s not easy to get your first testimonials and it might take some time. But it’s one of the first things you need to focus on. Getting testimonials, improving your skills, and working on real projects to prove to yourself that you’re actually capable of doing the work are the most important things you need to be doing when you just starting out.

You can start with getting reviews from people you know, like some members of your family, and then contacting people first to offer your services in exchange for testimonials, or make an exchange of services.

There are many people out there who claim that you should never work for free and that free work is never appreciated. While I do believe that you need to charge what it costs if you have skills. It’s a different story when you just starting out. Working for testimonials or a discounted price is something that can benefit your business in the long run.

It might be a hard peal to swallow. I do understand that you want to treat your business like a real business and get paid for the work you do. Just think about it, will you work with somebody and trust this person if there are zero credible testimonials or case studies that prove that this person can do the work? I don’t think so. Don’t get discouraged, it’s part of the process and your journey.

Make sure that if you’re a coach, you share what you achieve in your life thanks to your techniques. Or if you’re a website designer, make sure that your website looks absolutely stunning. Or if you’re a Pinterest expert or social media expert make sure that your social media pages look great, and that you used your strategies to grow your own accounts and bring you results. There is nothing worse than seeing people who claim to be experts and their social media pages look horrible, the website look even worse and they have no idea what they’re doing.

Additional section

There are some additional sections you can include to your service page to eliminate even more questions and reservations of your potential clients:

  • FAQ – where you answer possible questions that weren’t answered in the previous sections of your service page. Make sure that it’s logical and that you don’t address some obvious questions that you answered previously like what it is? Or what are the benefits? It may be some questions like what are the payments plan? Or maybe some additional arguments that can convince people that it’s YOU who provides the best solutions to their problems.
  • You can also include the section that says it’s not for you if…. It’s up to you to see what you can include here. It will help to eliminate even more the people who are not the right fit for you or who are not your ideal client.
  • It might be a good idea to include a short about you section. It’s useful for people who land directly on your service page or who search for a solution for their problem and find your service page, but they have no idea who you’re and what you do. It will create more trust and might reassure the people who don’t know you.

Encourage your website visitors to contact you at every opportunity

It’s very important! You need to include CTA at every opportunity you have. Make it easy to take action, and lead people through your service page. It’s your job to make sure that it’s easy for people to take action when they would like to do so. Don’t make your website visitors second guess and search how to contact you, or enrol in your program.

You probably don’t need to include a CTA after every single section of your service page. But make sure to at least there are several CTAs on the page. Once a person decides “Yes, I’m in”, make sure that she can find a button to contact you or buy your product right away.

Examples of great service pages

All three examples are pretty straightforward. They say what it is that they offer, to whom, give several benefits that their potential clients might want to see, and wrap it up with a call to action. More details and social proofs are placed later on the page.

Final thoughts

Even though there is no ideal formula for a perfect service page, there are still some important sections that are absolutely vital for every good service page. Some of these sections are the value proposition, the benefits, how it works, the testimonials, and of course enough CTAs.

And then depending on your offer, it’s up to you to decide if you want to include the price or any additional sections that can help your potential client to decide if they would like to work with you. It’s also up to you to decide how you would like to structure your service page exactly. It will depend on your product, or service, on your business and website goals, and on the potential client’s stage of awareness.